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Terms and Conditions.

We do not make the customer agree to set of legally binding terms when placing an order.Even if we  did we suspect that very few people actually read thenm before clicking an agreeement so we prefer to proceed with a order on the following understanding.

1. We have very few issues or complaints with our products and stand by them.You can order with confidence.If there are any issues with products we will normally contact you or probably have raised it in the couse of the enquiry.

2. All products are subject to variation and samples may be slightly different from stock or special orfer material.We get very few issues on this account but if you need a precise idea of possible variation it may be an idea to raise it as an issue prior to ordering and we will be happy to clarify.

3.Internet images are by the nature imprecise and we would normally suggest ordering a sample. Having said that,materials with stronger colours such as terracotta come across better than more nuanced materials such as cream and beige limestone and porcelain.

4.Our undertanding of Distance Selling Regulation is the the customer has th eright to return an item if they do not like it for whatever reason. This avoids theissue of whether it was or ws not as described. There is however a big but that is an issue with tiles and that is that the delivery and return costs are to be borne by the customer. Tiles are heavy and fragile so these costs are substantial. We would (and do) prefer to avoid such situations. If this is a worry please discuss it with us,

5. Special orders may not be cancelled once under way nor may deliveries be returned or refused.We will clarify whether an order is special rather than from stock. Lead times and any other issue to do with the sale will be discusseed at the time.

6. Our liability in all circumstances shall not exceed the cost of the goods in question.