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Mexican Terracotta


Terracotta tiles are a traditional, authentic flooring product that possess a warmth, charm and character that is often missing from more contemporary materials. In the middle ages terracotta was often produced 'on site', but now the best traditional kilns are in Spain and Mexico. Hand-made terracotta tiles are formed by pressing raw clay into molds:this produces a durable but low density tile. Compared with denser alternatives terracotta tiles act as an excellent insulator underfoot, almost eliminating the need for assistance from under-floor heating.

Mexican Terracotta is available with its own proprietory sealers but we normally recommend linseed oil and wax on our Spanish Terracotta. Liquid waxes are available for ongoing maintenance. More information on preparing and sealing terracotta is available on the Technical Advice page.  

Mexican Terracotta has been used in the UK since the 1970s and many floors are still going strong! For customers who are matching up or having to replace a small amount of floor we are more than happy to supply small orders for these tiles to match HISTORIC ORDERS subject to appropriate carriage charges.All terracotta orders are now sent out on pallets and subject to in minimum charge of £52.00. Delivery dates will be given once the order has been packed.May we respectfully remind customers that current stock will almost certainly vary by way of tone, shade, texture and calibration relative to any tiles that may have been purchased in the past.

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Please note that we are currently out of stock and new stock will not be in until February.