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Elon Mexican Terracotta


Genuine Elon  Mexican Terracotta with warm shaded pinks yellows and reds. Traditional production means that tiles are liable to exhibit chips lime pops and minor blemishes. Standard size is nominal 30x30, nearer to 29.5x29.5cm.

All terracotta needs to be sealed. Mexican Terracotta will benefit from several coats of Boiled Linseed Oil . Flooring grade Linseed Oil is £29. 00 in 5L bottles  and covers 12-15m2.  A 1L Bottle  of Bentens Protector Coat protects the surface, costs £12. 00 and covers approx 12m2 on initial application. It is very durable and easy to apply and we have numerous customers who have been using it for over 20 years. A Classic Wax is available at £16. 00/tin  for cutomers who prefer a traditional finish.


  • The m2 rate is for orders of 6m2 or more and sent by pallet in m2 boxes of 11 .
  • The /ea rate is for samples etc.
  • The /box6 is for boxes of 6 and is sent by courier
  • The/box11 rate is for orders of between 2-5m2 and is sent on a pallet in m2 boxes of 11.



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