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phone 01722 712510 or email info@terrafirmatiles.co.uk

The Handmade tiles you've always wanted. . .

. . . . but felt you could never afford! Corny, we know, but since this fantastic range of English hand-made tiles arrived we have removed most of the other handmade tiles from our showroom. Finally the look of those Valencia and Cotignac and Haute-Provence tiles you have been after but without the sharp intake of breath when the price is mentioned. Ready availability and a modern, well-thought out palette. . what's not to like!

We have chosen the most 'web-friendly' images for our site.If it's subtle shades of cream, white and grey that you are after then that's something best done via the showroom if possible. Please contact the office for M2 prices. 01722 712621.

Sample price is subsidised. Please contact us for regular M2 price.