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Discontinued Lines.


 Discontinued lines means pretty much what it says. These prices apply to the stock that we have stocked where the option to order any more is not possible. Sale Items may well be available again but the offer may be available on a limited 'job lot' or batch. Further Discounts for quantitities in excess of what is in stock will therefore NOT be possible! We do have some basic, cheap white tiles available through the showroom but all the discontinued tiles here are real discounts off the normal price. For example the French Glazed Tiles are from Normandy and Provence: current exchange rates mean that when these tiles would have to be over £100. 00/m2 so when they are gone we will not be getting any more!

Please note that we are not dealers or brokers for general discontinued items!!

Special prices for orders placed now for delivery in 2012. Please contact 01264 810315 for more info and best prices.